Learn how Gaby uses the Spanish songs

Continue… “When I started teaching Spanish to children, I realized that the available musical materials were songs with a lot of sentences or words that were difficult for children to follow and learn. In my mind, I started to form the idea of songs better tailored to teach children Spanish as a second language.”

“I started with the song “Los Colores…”

I started with the song “Los Colores” and I took it to my classes and used it to teach colors to the children. Repetition was an important part in learning the song. Children soon got to the point where they could sing the song themselves. I added new songs as time went on, using common and useful vocabulary, phrases and sentences that were easy for children to understand and had enjoyable rhythms. Each song I have included on this web site has been tested out in my classes by seeing how well the children react while initially listening to and later singing the song. For example, I put on a new song during one of our craft activities. Then I check the way they respond to the music. Some kids might be moving their heads and some might start to dance and some might even start repeating a word they have not yet learned. Then is when I know I will give the song the ‘green light’ and I will incorporate it into my class curriculum. From the progress I have seen from my students, the music I am posting here works very well when children are learning to speak Spanish as a second language. So, I am sure that children everywhere will enjoy these songs as well as my students have as part of their learning experience!

Sing with Gaby, Spanish Songs for Children was created for teachers, tutors and parents to help them in their journey of teaching simple and interactive Spanish vocabulary while singing fun melodies.